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Monday, July 23, 2007

Sunny Manitoba

Well today was HOT here in the north. You won't hear that from me very often.
Art and I drove a child to the new Midway Bible Camp in the group home van. We went 40 some miles down the road toward Gilliam. This is a dusty gravel road. Fortunately the van has air conditioning. If we had been in our car we would have had to have the windows open just to survive the heat and the dusty gravel road would have been horrid.
The new camp has the log cabins from the Ospawagan sight plus some other building. It looks like a pretty good camp but this is the Fourth place that has been Midway. For me the best memories are from the one by Pikwitonei (sp). Both Art and I thought about water safety so I'll be praying about that this week.

Thursday, July 19, 2007


A while ago someone used the phrase "a sense of entitlement". Our response to entitlement can go in different directions.

Entitlement can make us indifferent. I was thinking of the first generation immigrants who cleared land and built homes and church. They built their communities from the ground up. My father and mother fell into this catagory. They "owned" (took responsibility) for every part of their world. I as a second generation child WENT to the church they built, I WENT to the schools they started. I still had a sense that some work had gone before me but I didn't have the same investment that my parents had in the community. The next generation took it for granted that a church and schooling was available for everyone, all the time, when just two generations back, it hadn't been. Are the following generations as invested as the first. I doubt it.

Entitlement can make us arrogant. Someone compared the present generation to Royality of the last generation. Their experience has taught them that everything they ask for will be given them without any effort on their part. Ask and you'll receive. If they don't GET what they want they'll take it at someone elses expense. If they are denied, they are rude, impatient, and angry.

Lastly, entitlement can make us thankful. To know we and loved, cared for, special, and accepted can fill us with JOY. No problem too big that it can't be solved together. Knowing we are in good hands. Knowing only that which will harm us is withheld. Protected from harm. All our needs met. Showered with mercy and love.

Same entitlement--- different responses.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

3-5 years ago

I was thinking about the group that was together in Winnipeg. We prayed together for the Presence of God to COME and HE CAME. Most of the time 3 or 4 but changing faces like Diane, Nancy, Joyska, Lanney, CJ, Gail, sometimes Erica and myself. Now everyone has gone their separate ways but those times are still a sweet memory because GOD CAME TO US!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Thompson has had the weirdest weather. It is sunny, cloudless, warm and then dark (almost black) clouds will roll in. Then we have a down pour!! 15 minutes later the sun will be out and all is as if there never was a rain storm. This has repeated itself 3 and 4 times a day. As my dear old Mother used to say "I've never seen the like!!"

Saturday, July 07, 2007


While I was in the city, I was praying about something when I fell asleep and during the night I had a dream that I had a ring of keys and was trying to open a door but the keys kept dropping or not fitting and then I "heard" .....
"You don't have the right key"
Then I woke up and prayed "Then show me the right key!"

This morning in Thompson, I had a dream about a letter that I wrote to our MLA about the complete ignorance and disrespect shown to the police in Canada by letting a man who shot 3 policemen out on BAIL!! In this dream the letter was an arrow.

Now where does one go from here. I need a key. I want a letter to be an arrow. I GET the meanings but still don't HAVE an answer. Do I need patience, more prayer, faith etc. How does one follow up on these "answers"

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Face Book

I'm hearing and being invited the enter the Face Book realm. Is this the newest attempt at intimacy that is missing in peoples lives? I quess the same could be said for blogging. No one has time for face to face sit downs so we substitute hearing ABOUT your lives and not knowing YOU. When I see the Grandbabies and see their little shining eyes and the mischief and joy and anger on their tiny faces, NOTHING on a face page or blog could substitute for the eye to eye, heart to heart, contact.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Soccer and TBall

I got to watch Becca play TBall and Bella play soccer. It is fun to watch them run all over and have a GENERAL idea of the point of the game but MOSTLY the running is the important thing. Cheryl is taking Brooke to Gand Forks on the weekend and I get to tag along!! Cold Stone Icecream ... here we come!
I went to the doctor yesterday. Dwight and Sians kids go there too. Dr. Braun said Zane looks like me. Very cool!! He is a cutie! She also said the kids are very well behaved even when Sian has to bring all four kids together. That is nice to here.
It must warm up here or I will be as white when I go home as I am now. I need some Sun.